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The PORTOS project approved!

The monitoring committee of the European INTERREG ATLANTIC program approved the PORTOS project.

PORTOS in a few words ... Maritime ports consume a lot of energy and are a source of atmospheric pollution, two environmental problems that can be minimized by using renewable energies. Given the convergence of resources, infrastructure and facilities in ports, marine renewable energies are a promising alternative. PORTOS aims to assess, develop and promote the integrated use of renewable energy resources in Atlantic ports and increase their energy efficiency, by establishing a roadmap for a more competitive and competitive sector. sustainable.

Inscription évènement(s) sur le MOOC rénovation performante

Lieu : EIGSI La Rochelle, 26 Rue François de Vaux de Foletier, 17041 La Rochelle Horaire : lundi 19 mars 2018, 14h-17h Thème traité : conception des systèmes énergétiques, PROJET rehabilite Lien d´inscription : inscription par mail

Présentation le jeudi 8 mars 2018 du projet REHABILITE

L´EIGSI présentera le jeudi 8 mars 2018 le projet REHABILITE lors du Séminaire Coopération Territoriale Européenne, à lâï申ï申hôtel de région à Poitiers. Que peut apporter la Coopération Territoriale Européenne ? 14h00 âï申ï申 Accueil café 14h15 âï申ï申 Que peut vous apporter la Coopération Territoriale Européenne ? 14h25 âï申ï申 Présentation des programmes et appels à projet Espace Atlantique SUDOE INTERREG EUROPE Aragon âï申ï申 Nouvelle-Aquitaine Ces présentations seront ponctuées par des moments dâï申ï申échanges (questions/réponses) et des témoignages de porteurs de projets (ATLANTIC ON BIKE, REHABILITE et CLIMACT) 16h00 âï申ï申 17h00 Echanges

EIGSI present at the meeting of launch of the cluster energy and storage in New Aquitaine

EIGSI attended Wednesday 12th of July at the launch of the energy and storage cluster in the New Aquitaine French Region (Nouvelle Aquitaine). The objective of this cluster is to create an industrial sector in the field of storage applied to photovoltaics. LERPA has been working since 2002 on solutions for the integration and optimization of renewable energies combined with storage capacities.

2 awards for an European Project based on renewables energies with storage capabilities

TILOS European Project, financed by Horizon 2020, wins 2 awards at Brussel EUSEW (EU Sustainable Energy Week) last 20th of June across 2 categories Energy Islands and Consumers

Well done!

With 22 new reads, Our conference paper was the most read publication from our EIGSI institution Achieved week ending Jul 2, 2017

European Commission: Towards a progressive suppression of feed-in tariffs

In a communication, the European Commission advocates for phasing out feed-in tariffs that protect producers of renewable energy price signals in the market for the benefit of redemption premiums and other support instruments such as quota obligations, which require producers to adapt at market prices. A radical change of method that will not be without effect on the activity of the photovoltaic industry.


Current projects



Finished projects


SUNFLOWER European project


GERENER Regional project

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Development and management of a renewable multi-source energy system with storage: control and supervision


Dimensioning and optimizating of hybrid systems (wind/solar) with storage for residential buildings


Optimization of the conversion of energy in a photovoltaic system with storage of electrical energy and electrochemical energy

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Reviews with International Lecture Comity


Methodology for estimating the French tidal current energy resource


Emulation of Wind Turbine for Standalone Wind Energy Conversion Systems


Wave energy resources along the European Atlantic coast

Communications with International Lecture Comity


Emulation of a Wind Turbine Using Induction Motor Driven by Field Oriented Control


Emulation of a Wind Turbine with a DC Motor controlled by Fuzzy Logic controller


Development of a Useful Wind Turbine Emulator Based on Permanent Magnet DC Motor

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Design of RES systems


Energetic source assessment Energetic source assessment on a given location


Design and optimisation of multi-source systems with storage capabilities


Assessment and reduction of economic and ecologic costs starting from the design.

Engineering of renewable energy systems and energetic efficiency


Integration of multi-source systems in their environment


Reduction of energy consumption


Development of tools and methods for energetic assessment in buildings

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